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About Lani

I adore light, the way it falls, and how it moves. I find inspiration in simple beauty. I am tangled in a need to create.

My approach to the art of photography is deeply rooted in my experiences of growing up on the east coast of New Zealand; a backyard full of natural beauty. I am captivated by nature and light, relationships and love. I am inspired by people’s lives and stories. I am inspired by the sweet moments in-between. I draw inspiration from creative minds and adventurous souls.

My gravitation towards photography began at a young age. My dad was a photographer who worked as a photojournalist throughout the majority of his life, and he remains my biggest inspiration artistically. While I pray he is watching over me, I am grateful to be living out the dream he always had for his little girl.

It is my absolute pleasure to capture the stories of many couples, families and individuals. My simple, honest approach to photography focuses on celebrating the essence of love and life found in front of my lens. Thank you for taking the time to view my work. I am grateful for you being here today.

I am based in Vancouver, Canada. Available worldwide.